Traveling to Romania

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Shortly, my name is Catalin Stoenescu, BSc and MSc graduate in geography (environmental protection and global changes), licensed as travel guide and manager in tourism, active traveler, mountain hiker, photography enthusiast, addicted for fishing, bird lover, searching to lose myself when traveling.

and the longer version….

CatalinI am city boy, born and raised in Bucharest among the concrete flats of Ceausescu regime, but the field studies followed as student of the Faculty of Geography from University of Bucharest opened my eyes for nature and beautiful.

What started as an internship gig in college became my lifelong passion. I began working in 1997, when I started my career in the travel industry as sales agent for a rent-a-car; then I designed dream itineraries in the Danube Delta as travel agent for a travel agency. The fate has been good to me, as I advanced in my career working for several big investment projects in tourism; freelance and travel consultant since 2004 till present time, accompanying travelers in Romania and neighbor countries.

I consider my job as a challenge that gives me chances to offer my knowledge to others, chances to learn things about my own country, chances to meet interesting and different people form different cultures and chances to make friends around the world.

As Ray Bradbury wrote: “Half the fun of the travel is the aesthetic of lostness”. When travel we are disconnected ourselves from the plans and charts that rules our daily life. And we like to be driven to get the inspiration and guidance for natural and cultural experiences by people who share our passions and interests. I am one of these people you could count on, if you decide to travel to Romania. What’s left is to convince you to come over. So, feel free and visit the blog and maybe you will find reasons to do it.

I would love to share my passion and knowledge to help you planning the trip of a lifetime!


Catalin Stoenescu

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