Traveling to Romania

History, Nature, Places, People.

Why traveling to Romania

According to several guides,
“… why should you go to Romania? The straight answer is because it is one of the most beautiful countries of Southeast Europe.” (The Blue Guide)
“Considered by many the most beautiful country in Eastern-Europe, Romania still claims regions that seem bastions of a medieval past long since lost elsewhere.” (Fodor’s Eastern and Central Europe)
“Few regions offer a more dazzling display of cultural and artistic treasures than Romania.” (Smithsonian Journeys)
“No journey to Eastern Europe would be complete without paying a visit to Romania… Outstanding landscapes, a huge diversity of wildlife…”(The Rough Guide)
“Romania has majestic castles, medieval towns, great hiking and wildlife…” (The Lonely Planet)

We would say Romania it’s ready for tourism by enumerating just few quotes: it’s beautiful, it’s cheap, it’s easy to travel, it’s not crowded yet, the old traditions still survive, you can see vampires and you can have a dinner with Dracula… OK, forget the last two ones…
The list of attributes could continue forever, but one question remains: how is Romania through the eyes of visitors?

Our proposal is a challenge for travelers who have already been to Romania to post their experience, to become ambassadors of our country. We invite to play tag. So, since you came to Romania, what is….
…the most beautiful place you have visited?
…the most interesting region you have traveled?
…the most surprising thing you found out about Romania and Romanians?
…the most interesting habit/tradition/custom you saw here?
…the weirdest experience you had?
…the funniest moment you have been through?
…the most annoying situation you have been through?
…the status of Romania as level of your expectancy?

And the most interesting tag: why anyone would travel to Romania?

Feel free and share your experiences with us! Your posts will be published in the Traveler’s Corner and hopefully will help people to visit Romania.

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